Warehouse Inventory Management

Warehouse inventory management


Complete warehouse operations and management services from existing client facilities. This is an opportunity to upgrade existing client operations by deploying modern supply chain management platform, well-defined processes and trained manpower.

Client Scope
  • Infrastructure
  • Utilities as required
  • Security
Glaucus Scope
  • Maven – Our proprietary technology platform
  • Trained resources to manage
    • Inbound
    • Outbound
    • Inventory audit
    • Inventory hygiene
    • Value added work like kitting, repacking, re-labelling, refurbishment
    • Dispatch and transportation
    • High quality reporting to monitor SLAs aligned with business goals

When to Call Us

  • Existing infrastructure adequate to meet throughput and storage requirements
  • Key operational parameters like fill rate, shrinkage, on-time dispatches, employee productivity, transporter performance, inventory ageing are not tracked or not satisfactory
  • Facing customer issues like delayed deliveries, incomplete deliveries, quality issues and order visibility
  • Sales and operations coordination affecting sales performance
  • Outbound
  • Sales returns not processed on time or correctly
  • Manual processes impact your ability to work with multiple transporters who can help you lower distribution cost